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Radio Interviews

Serena is a regular radio personality on some of Australia and the USA's biggest stations. She is interviewed about her TV show roles as well as on all things Dating, Relationships and Same Sex Marriage. To listen to some of Serena's interviews, click the button!

Topic: Same Sex Marriage Rituals in Australia


Station: Fox FM 101.9

Show: Wakey, Wakey with Danny Lakey

Aired: Nationally - Australia

Topic: LGBT Wedding Trends


Station: 2UE 

Show: Talking Lifestyle

Aired: Nationally - Australia

Topic: Dating & Relationship Advice


Station: Blaze FM

Show: Wake & Bake - Colorado

Aired: Nationally - USA

Topic: Serena DC's new book "Love Me, Love Me!"


Station: Southern FM 88.3

Show: Nicki Nicolls Show 

Aired: Victoria - Australia

Topic: Instant Hotel and Online Trolling


Station: K-Rock FM 95.5

Show: Drive Show

Aired: Victoria - Australia

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