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Conscious Cosmic Contact

Genre: Feature Film / Documentary

Network: Amazon Prime, Apple TV, iTunes, Vudu, Roku

​Premieres: TBA

Runtime: 90 minute

​Filming Locations: USA

​Production Company: Elysium Media 


Andrea Perron has developed a method she uses to summon ufo’s and communicate with ET’s that rivals the protocols of Dr. Steven Greer. Witness explosive never before seen UFO and Extraterrestrial footage.


This film follows documentary filmmaker Serena DC (“We Are Not Alone” & “Contact - The CE5 Experience” with Dr. Steven Greer) as she embarks on a year long journey following Andrea Perron (who is most famous for being the woman who the Blockbuster film “The Conjuring” was based on) across the USA from Joshua Tree CA, to “The Conjuring” House in Rhode Island, MA and finally deep into the Nevada desert at Laughlin where together they practice her CCC protocols with incredible results.

Using the most sophisticated camera technology and scientific instruments, Serena and her team have been able to capture several clear videos of UFOs in the sky as well as an incredible encounter with an Extraterrestrial in the basement of The Conjuring house after performing one of Andreas CCC rituals. 

The footage of the UFO’s and the Extraterrestrial have never been seen before and will shock audiences around the world and prove once and for all that we are not alone in this universe and that our star brothers and sisters are just one telepathic call away.

Andrea claims to be in constant contact with extraterrestrials from the Pleiades constellation. Andrea say’s that throughout her life she has not only been visited hundreds of times by UFO’s and ET’s, but additionally, when she is not in the physical presence of ET’s she has developed an ability to communicate with them telepathically and it is during these telepathic conversations that she has received valuable intel from the ET’s about their intentions for our planet as well as disturbing predictions about our planet's future.

After working tirelessly for over a decade, Andrea has finally refined the method she uses to communicate with ET’s that allows everyday people to reach out to the beings that she refers to as our “star brothers and sisters”. By using her method, which she calls “Conscious Cosmic Contact”, Andrea and tens of thousands of her followers around the world have witnessed countless UFO’s in the skies above with hundreds claiming to have not only seen the craft but also seen beings appear right in front of them.

Serena DC has teamed up with Andrea to help her to share these methods with the world in an effort to help spread the ET’s urgent messages for planet earth. Some of which detail a highly disturbing prophecy for the end of days if the human beings choose to ignore it.


Andrea Perron

Andrea Perron is best known for being one of the family members of the real story of the movie “The Conjuring”. Her supernatural experiences include interaction with UFOs and ETs. She has developed her own methodology to having a close encounter of the fifth kind and has experienced several spectacular sights.

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