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season 2

London Disclosure picks up where the last season in the “Disclosure” series left off. After sharing some of the most inspirational and emotional stories of Hollywood's favourite Celebrities, this season Serena heads to London to continue her quest for tales of life, love & personal transformation.


We have read about them in the tabloids, and seen them on our TV screens. Larger than life Celebrities, whom from the outside appear to lead perfect lives filled with wealth, success and happiness, but sometimes what we see on our television hides the other side of celebrity and the real life stories of extraordinary people living though a very human experience.


Each episode will take you on a journey into our celebrity guests pasts, as they share their harrowing stories about important life issues including divorce, sexuality, illness, child abuse, extreme bullying, losing a loved on, body dysmorphia, stalking, depression & the dark side of fame.


This season our guests will share details of how they not only survived but thrived after reaching a rock bottom moment. After a year filled with hardship, London Disclosure is the feel good, inspirational series that everyone needs in 2021.

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