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season 1

We have read about them in the tabloids and seen them on our TV screens. The larger than life romances and break ups, highs, lows and personal transformations of America's most loved celebrities. But what really happened behind closed doors?


This season Serena DC sits down with Caitlyn Jenner (Keeping up with the Kardasians), Tara Reid (American Pie), Deepak Chopra (Metahuman), Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys), Colin Egglesfield (Something Borrowed) & Daniel Goddard (The Young and the Restless) discuss their epic highs and rock bottom lows. Nothing is off limits as these celebrities share their stories and speak their truth.


 Serena DC is on a mission to bring stories of personal transformation and inspiration to the world. This series, Serena’s celebrity guests will share never before heard stories of deep personal moments in their lives that pushed them to their limits but that taught them their greatest life lessons.


By sharing these lessons with viewers, our celebrity guests hope to inspire each and every one of us to be more, do more and love more.


Serena will ask all of the questions that the public been burning to know the answer to, and the celebrities will open up like never before as they share with us their real-life stories on Hollywood Disclosure.

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