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Shadow Figure Forest


Genre: Paranormal, Afterlife, UFO

Distribution: 1091 Films

Premieres: TBA

​Production Status: Pre Production

Runtime: 90 minute

​Filming Locations: USA

​Production Company: Elysium Media


Elysium Media has been granted exclusive access to document and film the active ET and Ghost occupation of Shadow Figure Forest. Serena, Michael & their team will finally expose the true nature of this land as they make contact with the extraterrestrials and ghosts that appear almost daily to use it as a portal between space & other dimensions.

Made famous by the movie the Conjuring,The Farm On Round Top Road, now called “Shadow Figure Forest” has been dubbed the next skinwalker ranch due to the incredible paranormal & Extraterrestrial activity. Located on a rare, triangular shaped plot of land in Burrillville, Rhode Island, this house, on 4 acres of land is the epicenter for paranormal activity of every kind including UFO sightings, ghost hauntings and frequent visitations of grey ET’s & shadow figures . 

Follow Investigative Filmmakers Serena DC & Michael Mazzola and her team of experts in the field of paranormal activity, shadow figures, witches, aliens and UFO’s as they take possession of this property for the next 12 months and use cutting edge technology combined with the most gifted scientists, mediums, channeler's & experiencers to unearth all of its secrets on a mission to convince humanity that there is life after death and that life on other planets exists. And that meaningful and life changing contact with these ET’s, ghosts & shadow figures is possible.


Serena DC

Serena is a documentary filmmaker, reality star & talk show host, starring in titles including “Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC” (Pluto) & “Dream Life” (Pluto), both of which made it onto the 2021 Emmy Awards Ballot. Serena is also the star of the Netflix reality series, "Instant Hotel" and the feature films "We Are Not Alone", “My Transparent Life” & “Contact - The CE5 Experience” where she takes on the lead role as an Investigative Filmmaker. 

Adam Curry

Adam is an inventor and tech entrepreneur. He has been developing technology to help humanity to expand their consciousness. He’s currently developing an app to connect people and reach his goals of global consciousness. 

Andrea Perron

Andrea Perron is best known for being one of the family members of the real story of the movie “The Conjuring”. She will return to the farm where all the haunting happened and experience the supernatural.

Cory Heinzen

The former owner of the Arnold Estate, Cory has been investigating the paranormal activity at the house for several years and has captured amazing footage of ghosts, Grey aliens and UFOs.

Jacqueline Nuñez

Current Owner welcomes Serena and the other experts in this journey to understand the supernatural and cosmic nature of the house.

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