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executive producer & writer


Serena DC is Founder and Executive Producer of the Film & TV production company, Elysium Media. She is also the CEO at Brandspakle. A Branded Entertainment and Product placement agency that helps aussie brands feature on USA TV series. Also known as Branded Content, if you have ever seen a name brand product on a TV show, it has likely been the result of a paid sponsorship partnership arrangement between a brand and a TV show producer. Serena's company Brandsparkle helps to facilitate these sorts of arrangements.


"We like to do things a little differently around here... We use our beautiful brains to create and produce unique, box breaking, heart warming Reality TV show's, with the vision of redefining the genre."


We also create unique Game Shows & Observational Documentaries and acquire and distribute exciting and award winning existing content to networks in Australia, the USA and UK."

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