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Title - Pornpreneur


Status - Post Production


Genre - Documentary feature film


Duration - Approximately 90 min

Trailer - 


Target Audience - People interested in sexual topics and the adult industry


Logline - Porn has been one of the biggest sellers in the adult industry for years, however, this is a very impersonal way to consume sex. Today clients have found the necessity of interacting with the women on the other side of the screen, and that’s where the camgirls come to action.


Outline - 

When it comes to women selling sex, it has always come to people labeling them as “whore” or unfit of respect. They have been considered low life or just too dumb to do anything else. It’s easy to judge them based only on what you see on the screen and forget that after they turn off their webcams, they are normal women with normal everyday lives.


Serena, investigative filmmaker, wants to better understand this world and answer the questions: Is webcam girls the same as porn? She will get to know three different girls that have been working in this industry and understand their motivations and their background.


Some of these women work independently as for other work with agencies. These are companies that facilitate the job for the girls and aid them at finding clients. Serena will chat with the owner of New Industry Models, an agency in Los Angeles, to understand how they work with the models, and to collect information on the industry itself.


After collecting all the information and hearing from all the girls that their profession doesn’t feel like porn, there’s one last thing she must do to prove to herself that it’s not like porn. Serena will become a camgirl for one night.




Serena De Comarmond

Serena is a documentary filmmaker, reality star & talk show host, starring in titles including “Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC” (Pluto) & “Dream Life” (Pluto), both of which made it onto the 2021 Emmy Awards Ballot. Serena is also the star of the Netflix reality series, "Instant Hotel" and the feature films "We Are Not Alone", “My Transparent Life” & “Contact - The CE5 Experience” where she takes on the lead role as an Investigative Filmmaker. Serena is in Post-Production for the reality series "Life Unfiltered" & season 2 of "Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC”

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