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I am Beautiful. I am Desirable. I love my life. I am worthy of a 10/10 man! Can you say this about yourself? Well you will after reading Love Me? Love Me! by Serena de Comarmond. A positive and motivating guide to finding love that captures all you need to know about learning to love yourself, finding your soul mate, and transforming yourself into the most desirable and datable person on the planet! This life-changing book will show you exciting new ways to attract confidence, happiness, and love into your life. Get to know the real, authentic you. Find the path to your purpose. And manifest Mr. Right into your life. He’s real and he does exist! Don’t wait. This irresistible book will become your personal matchmaker, here to help you become the person you always dreamed you could be and to attract the man you have always dreamt about. Consider it essential reading if you’re in the market for a true life partner. You’ll look at the opposite sex in a whole new light. Learn the secrets to dating, dating sites, and dating services from Australia’s cheekiest Matchmaker. Don’t delay. Get the new bible for the boss babe and unlock a life you will love!

“As a matchmaker I have been lucky enough to have had countless conversations with single men and women who have shared their deepest thoughts and feelings with me about the way they view at love, their dating experiences and their desires for the opposite sex. Through these conversations I have learned about the deep and intimate secret lives of people in the dating game. Their stories have taught me everything I know and have made me a strong and intuitive matchmaker. This book is dedicated to all the men and women who have shared their stories, hopes, dreams and desires with me.” ~ Serena DC

Love Me? Love Me! - Paperback

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