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Radio Interviews

Serena has extensive experience working on radio. She has been interviewed on Fox FM, 2Day FM, KIIS, K-Rock, Talking Lifestyle, LA Today and Joy FM to name a few, about various topics, including: Dating, Relationships, Beauty, Lifestyle, Reality TV and Entrepreneurship. To listen to some of Serena's radio interviews, please click on the buttons below.

Topic: Same Sex Marriage Rituals in Australia


Station: Fox FM 101.9

Show: Wakey, Wakey with Danny Lakey

Aired: Nationally - Australia

Topic: LGBT Wedding Trends


Station: 2UE 

Show: Talking Lifestyle

Aired: Nationally - Australia

Topic: Dating & Relationship Advice


Station: Blaze FM

Show: Wake & Bake - Colorado

Aired: Nationally - USA

Topic: Instant Hotel and Online Trolling


Station: K-Rock FM 95.5

Show: Drive Show

Aired: Victoria - Australia

Topic: Serena DC's new book "Love Me, Love Me!"


Station: Southern FM 88.3

Show: Nicki Nicolls Show 

Aired: Victoria - Australia

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