True Love Story

Behind the tabloids, Speculation & Rumours, lies the the Truth! Our Celebrity guests will finally have the chance to set the record straight!

We have read about them in the tabloids, and seen them on our TV screens. The larger than life romances and break ups of America's most loved celebrities. But what really happened between the two real people involved in these relationships, behind closed doors? Were the tabloids telling the truth or was it all a work of fiction?

Each week our host, Relationship Expert, Serena DC will sit down with 2 celebrity guests and take them on a journey back in time, as she delves deeply into the romantic past. Our celebrity guests will share stories about their first loves, their heart breaks, cheating partners, deep and powerful love affairs and what really happened in their most publisized breakups.

Serena will ask all of the questions that you have been burning to ask, and the celebrities will open up like never before as they share with us their "True Love Stories".

Drawing on her vast learnings from matchmaking hundreds of

couples and her knowledge of Psychology Serena helps her

celebrity guests to heal their broken hearts by helping them to

find forgiveness and empathy for those who hurt them, and to see how the repercussions of their break ups have shaped their

current lives, and lead to the most amazing life experiences

helping them to build character, become stronger and love


She also empowers her celebrity guests to share what they have learned on the journey with the audience, to pass on the

knowledge that was born out of their pain, to help others avoid

being hurt in the same way.

Our show gives our celebrity guests the opportunity to set the

record straight. To tell the world what really happened and to

finally heal themselves from the pain of their breakups. They

have the chance to let it all go.


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