When “iHeart Matchmaking Vacations” started their Australian, singles vacation company 3 years ago they thought it would be fun to take 20 singles to a tropical island to enjoy box breaking activities and dream dates every day then wild singles parties each night but whilst the singles on these vacations had a ton of fun, but one thing became obvious very fast.


These over 28’s had been through the battlefields of love and were all a little battered, broken and bruised after having multiple failed relationships, being cheated on or being the cheater, losing a partner to illness or an accident, or just having trouble for years to find a compatible partner.

Serena the Aussie Matchmaker and creator of iHeart Matchmaking found she was spending hours each day having one on one time with the singles, counselling and trying to heal them of their broken hearts. Teach them how dating skills and to help them to fall in love with themselves first so that they could actually have a decent chance at finding love.


So she decided to completely change the way she looked at her singles vacation company.  The new, iHeart Matchmaker Vacation’s Serena and her team of Aussie dating experts have created work on fixing broken hearts and getting peoples lives back on path, all whilst going on dream dates everyday, making new friends, trying new experiences and most importantly, falling in love. 


The mantra for this show is “Fall in love with yourself first and then you will be ready to fall in love with some one else”.


The show follows Serena and her team of Aussie relationship / life guru’s is to remove 20 singles from their everyday lives and whisk them away to Bali where they will learn to love themselves and The Secret Art of Falling in Love.

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