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iHeart Matchmaking Vacations

Whats the story, morning glory? How did this amazingly awesome travel experience company come to life?


Our founder, Serena is a seasoned traveller who takes several overseas holidays each year. From talking to hundreds of fellow travellers she discovered that many were displeased or underwhelmed with the holiday they had created for themselves. It became apparent that simply booking flights and accommodation was not enough to ensure that a traveller was going to have a great holiday experience. Quite often travellers found that upon reaching a new destination they had no idea where to go or what to do. Not only that but they found that making friends on holiday was almost impossible as most people tended to keep to themselves.  It was because of this dismal state of affairs that iHeart Travel was born! The solution to the problem!

iHeart Travel is a travel company who create travel experiences designed to entertain, inspire and awaken your wanderlust!   We design these experiences for travellers who are young or still young at heart.

When you take an iHeart Travel holiday don’t expect to be wondering aimlessly through a new and foreign town or to be lazing on a beach all day getting a lobster tan.  iHeart Travels experiences will have you up, out and about experiencing new and exciting activities, meeting new people, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and experts and basically having the time of your life!
It is so easy to make new friends on an iHeart Travel experience as all of the people staying at your hotel or resort have come along for the same ride as you! You are all enjoying the same exciting activities and going to the same events so you will have countless things to chat about!  Not only that but our team of “iHeart Friendlies” are always running around introducing you to new people and getting you involved in whatever activities we have going on.

So if you are ready to have more fun, more excitement and more laughs then  start creating memories that will last a life time! Book your first iHeart Experience today!

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